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Mon Oeuvre

While I continue fishing for an agent and submitting works to magazines or book publishers, I am shifting my approach and offering a few of these stories here, absolutely free. Others I will preserve as I search for an audience, an agent and a publisher. I will keep writing tales of fantasy, adventure and romance that spur my imagination. If I never grab the interest of an agent or editor matters little so long as I’m having fun.

Published Stories

For a taste of my work, several stories have appeared in small press anthologies. Two stories, Pyrat Rum and The Tenth Gold Piece, appeared in the Giant Tales anthologies published by Professor Limn Books. Others have appeared in the Visions series by Lillicat Publishers. All are available on Amazon.

Stories from Y’Kar

Among my growing list of short stories are those stemming from a series of novels beginning with Loyalty. The books are character driven and focused on world building.

The planet Y’kar is a world of three continents. Its lost and forgotten history was rife with conflict between major religions and a long period of feudalistic governance. Before atmospheric disturbances decimated the world’s digitized databanks, aristocratic families came together to unify their world.

Technical accomplishments include bio-implants, mandated for every individual. Connected to the nets, the devices known as PD’s function as computer, library, news feeds, communications links and bio-trackers. And while they have succeeded at venturing into space, exploitation by mining is the extent of their experience. As a people, Y’Karians remain convinced they are the only intelligent beings in the universe.

The Mist Hotel

Somewhere in the woods near Port Townsend, Washington in the Pacific Northwest is a hotel that goes by the name The Ethery Inn. Search for it online and you will not find it. Call the Chamber of Commerce and they will tell you it does not exist. It is a place reserved for individuals approaching a crossroad. These are stories designed to capture the essence of poetic irony.

Leprechauns of County Kerry

Under the mountain peaks running through County Kerry, Ireland, sits the town of DarBrandubh, home to a reclusive band of leprechauns. ‘Tis a bit of country where the wee folk who once tormented the humans of the region have turned inward.


“Pursuit” is a full-length drama set at the time of Christ. The story is that of a Roman senator who was once an officer in the army. His order to assassinate every Jewish male under two years old shaped his later life as his peers looked on him with contempt. Now, thirty some years later, one of those children has somehow survived and is causing an uproar among the Jews.