How would your life  change if everything you said and everything you did
was streamed live online, available for download at any time
by anyone who cared to watch your most private moments?


Fourth planet in the Pran star system.
Orbited by two moons: Koutier and Zytier.
Home world to the only sentient life in the universe.


The continent Tik


The continent Kor

The continent Cek
A Big Blue Ball
From space, Y'Kar's surface is dominated by three continents separated by vast oceans. During the 22nd century of the Accounting Era, thirty-one ethnic groups coalesced into a unified global order governed by a wealthy aristocracy.
Culture Devalued
Holographic technology digitized the world's great works of art, even to the extent of restoring sculptures damaged over the ages. By the end of the 21st century, every commoner's home was adorned with masterpieces from the ages.
Searching for Memories
Hoping to recapture the past through the memories of a world's population, a tight grid of data sensors was built across every land mass, large or small. Algorithms searched the collected data for useful references to historical facts.  
The Rich Get Richer and the Poor . . .
When the nobility built their sky-cities and migrated into the clouds, they forgot about their responsibility to the common masses. Times were good when they left, but when the economy collapsed, the nobility failed to notice the plight of their struggling subjects.
History Lost
At the turn of the millennium, 2200, a massive storm on the sun bathed the planet in a pulse that destroyed all records from every databank. Few noticed the loss of art or literature as the absence of any clear financial records generated panic among the commoners. 
PD and Occular Implants
Successful fusion of nano- and bio-technologies led to cybernetic implants called Peripheral Data Devices or PD's. The advantages were manifold for commerce as well as security, but the cost was a loss of privacy for any who were of public interest. The ruling Aristocracy found that with nothing hidden, honesty was the only way of doing business and numerous aspects of politics were lost to the elite nobility.